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  • Law Office of Barbara J. May
  • Law Office of Barbara J. May
providing experience & effective representation to clients
Family Law Overview

Skilled Monterey Attorneys Find a Positive Resolution to Your Family Law Issues.

Estate Litigation Overview

Monterey Attorney Employs Energy and Purpose in Pursuing Estate Litigation on Behalf of Clients.

Conservatorships & Guardianships

Assisting Clients with Conservatorship and Guardianship Appointments in Monterey Area Probate Court.


"Barbara May changed my life. As a young mother in a bitter and terrifying custody battle and victim in a domestic violence case, Ms. May guided me throughout the process; she leaves no detail behind and, in my experience, is always two steps ahead of other attorneys."

Briana D., a Child Custody Client

An Established Monterey Family Law and Estate Litigation Firm Advocating for Your Rights

Providing sophisticated representation to clients throughout the Monterey Bay area

At the Law Office of Barbara J. May, we are committed to helping clients throughout Monterey County involved in legal issues including family law, divorce, and estate litigation cases. We understand how complex legal issues that involve your family and legacy can be, and that is why we pride ourselves in offering you the individualized attention and focus your case deserves. We are strong advocates with the knowledge to get you results either through negotiated settlements or litigation. Our attorneys are experienced and ready to handle your case competently and efficiently.

Comprehensive service from a family of attorneys

Family law and estate litigation issues can have a tremendous impact on your life, so it's important to choose a law firm that can get you results. When you come to the Law Office of Barbara J. May, you will always receive the benefit of our:

  • Personalized service – Your case is important to us, which is why we offer all our clients personalized attention and individualized service for their family law and estate litigation cases.
  • Flexible approach – Our attorneys are focused on finding efficient solutions to all your family law and estate problems, but we are also fully equipped to handle your issues if they head toward litigation. This all-inclusive approach to the law allows us to find legal strategies that are suited for our clients’ needs.
  • Family approach – Our attorneys, Barbara J. May and Amy E. Wicks, are a mother-daughter team of lawyers that understands the value of family. They are dedicated to the families of Monterey County and empathize with your situation, whether you are going through a divorce, child custody, or estate litigation case.

Resolving your family law issues

At our firm, we focus a majority of our practice on a range of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce – When it’s possible, our firm helps you come to an effective divorce agreement with your spouse that is tailored to your future well-being. We are also prepared to go to litigation for your case, if necessary.
  • Dissolution of Same-Sex Relationships  Our firm has the experience to help you through a dissolution of your domestic partnership registration or same-sex marriage.
  • Military Divorce – Our attorneys are experienced in handling the issues in a divorce where one or both spouses is in the military
  • Property division – During your divorce process, our firm works with you on your property division plan. We fight to get results through negotiations or litigation. 
  • Complex divorce – If you are dealing with a complex divorce that is affecting your property, investment and assets, our firm is capable of handling your issues and ensuring that your best interests are being looked after.
  • Child custody and visitation – Child custody and visitation plans are decided based on what is in the best interest of the child. If you and your partner cannot mutually agree on a custody and visitation plan, we will advocate for you in court for a plan that is in your child’s best interest.  
  • Child and spousal support – Our office represents clients involved in child and spousal support cases. If your case can’t be resolved through negotiations, our attorneys are also ready to head to litigation to fight for you.
  • Domestic violence – Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home, and if you are the victim of domestic violence, we go to court to get you orders for the protection you need. In addition, we also represent clients who have been unjustly accused of domestic violence and require defense in court to clear their name.
  • Adoption – Our firm can help you with an independent or step-parent adoption.

Fighting for your estate

The Law Office of Barbara J. May has experience heading to court for individuals and families who are experiencing a contested will or trust in an estate litigation case. We can also assist you with guardianship and conservatorship actions in probate court. Your family's legacy is too important to leave to chance, and at our firm we provide the sophisticated representation you need when an estate is challenged.

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Law Office of Barbara J. May
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